Hey there, Internet

This right here is my new blog, wherein I will… uh… write things, occasionally. I’m not sure how much I can narrow that down. I have a sadly neglected blog at Overlooked Nature, where I put wildlife photos and ecology-related stuff. And I have a Twitter account where I put stuff that can fit in a tweet. (Who am I kidding; I mostly retweet snarky political comments.)
So this blog is for things that are (a.) not wildlife-related, and (b.) too long for a tweet. Which leaves a lot of room for topics. I also have no plans to post on a schedule, because I might not have something to talk about some weeks, and others I might have TONS of things to talk about. And still others, I might have tons of things to talk about, but other people are already doing it better, so I’ll just post links to them and say “Go read this.”
Thus, irregular posts about irregular topics. (I thought about adding “for irregular people” there but that reminded me of laxative commercials.)